Western Cape Call For Nominations

Full members of Im4theArts in Western Cape are invited to nominate any other full member of Im4theArts in their province to the position of Provincial Representative, to serve and represent the province on the National Steering Committee.

The Western Cape – by virtue of having more than 200 members – may elect a second representative. Please note that the Constitution requires that where there is more than one representative in a province, at least one of them must be a woman. Please nominate a woman representative.   

Full members have indicated that they agree to the Vision, Mission, Values, and Aims of Im4theArts, and/or have completed and submitted a membership form.

To be eligible to vote in or stand for this election, they have to have signed up on or before 27 July 2020 (see list at this link). 

Associate members are non-South Africans living abroad, individuals employed in any government department responsible for arts and culture and supporters of the arts who are not themselves practitioners or administrators within the arts, and are not eligible for nomination or to nominate anyone.

Each nominee is to agree to be nominated before the nomination is submitted, and each nomination is to have a seconder (one other Im4theArts full member) who supports the nomination.

No person may nominate or second more than one nominee.

No Im4theArts member may nominate her/himself; those keen to serve as provincial representatives may recruit members to nominate them and to second their nomination.

Please refer to the list of provincial members, at this link, when seeking to make your nomination. Ensure that nominations are well-supported with relevant information about the expertise, track record and experience of the nominee.

Nominations for the Western Cape representative are to be made at this link and all sections are to be completed or the nomination may be invalid. They are to be submitted by 15:00 on Thursday 30 June 2022

Elections will take place initially from July and may be extended to a week in total to allow for maximum participation.

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